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A Mystery at Little York Plantation-

"The Story of Garden Granny"

Garden Granny was born in Little York, New York in 1821. She spent most of her childhood with her Grandfather tending the Garden and learning everything she could about trees, plants, flowers and shrubs. She married a farmer at the age of 22 and had one child, little Timmy Green. She passed away at the age of 94 but has still been seen here at the plantation wearing her favorite blue flowered dress.  She roams all six and a half a
cres of Little York Plantation and while she is not out everyday, the staff at Little York Plantation have grown accustom to her popping up anywhere!!!

Come visit Little York Plantation. If you see Garden Granny tell your friendly retail sales associate where she is!!!!

You will then receive 10% off your entire purchase!!!!

 This story is fictitious and was created for promotional purposes only.

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