Our 50th Anniversary Season!  



For More Information Call or E-Mail

Jackie Crane 607-423-4417   


2023!  It's hard to believe we've been working with many of our clients for so many years

to keep their properties looking great!!

Spring is upon us and our gardens and outdoor spaces are are ready for some TLC

Like an impatient child... Gardens do not understand waiting. Weeds as well as plants start the growing season via the weather and seasonal conditions. Whether we like it or not, gardens and outdoor plants react to the warmer weather, the spring rains, and the longer days. And with these best of growing conditions, it doesn't take long for things to get out of control!!!

So if you need some gardening help or just some gardening advice give us a call... 

1.) To discuss your landscaping needs please call the office at 607-749-4861 or 315-960-3228

and leave a message. we will get back to you within 24hours...

2.) If you're like most homeowners and want to talk to someone NOW, please call

Jackie's cell phone 607-423-4417.

If she's on the phone with another call or in an appointment, she will get right back to you..

3.) Let's discuss your needs and see if Little York Plantation is a good fit for you. 

From there we can make an appointment for an on- site visit.

    a.) We sit with you to discuss your ideas and what would make a successful project.

b.) We measure the areas and review the existing plant material.

4.) On that on-site visit, we make an appointment--usually within 7-10 days--to return with a proposal.  

5.) Once we've agreed on the project, we will schedule the crews and we're on our way.

We look forward to helping you!!!