Our garden center is opening soon:

We are so fortunate to have an

outdoor open market for your shopping convenience. 

No crowded big box atmosphere where you're unsure of cleanliness. And we have so much outdoor space we can easily keep our physical distance. 

While you're here in the garden center or the


our goal is to give you a feeling of safety and comfort.

Should you prefer to order ahead and have 

curbside pickup or delivery,

we're delighted to help you in those ways also. We have a limited selection of items on our website, but a quick call to the garden center and we'll pull the items you want to order and have them ready for pickup.

Being in the sunlight and fresh air is one thing most viruses do not like. And the humidity in the greenhouses is not conducive to the life of a virus.

At the garden center..... We have installed hand sanitizing stations at our entrances to the garden center and to each house that is open to the public. (we have included face masks and gloves, if you did not bring your own.)

Our staff members will be wearing face protection and gloves.

One staff member each day is dedicated to continuously

sanitizing our public spaces and our carts. 

We have lowered our hanging baskets making selection easier with less touching.

For many years we've contemplated an outdoor checkout station. That procrastination is over. This year you will be able to checkout as usual or in our new out of doors check out kiosk. 

Thank you for working with us to stay safe and still enjoy our wonderful growing season here in Central NY.

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Little York Plantation

6088 Route 281, PO Box 78

Little York, New York 13087

Phone  607-749-4861

    Fax    607-749-6058 

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